3-Axis Palletizer

The 3-axis palletizer has been designed for whom that, in restricted spaces, wants to automate and accelerate the loading and packaging process of stacking up products over pallets.

The programming of this machine is done through PLC, and this permits to optimize working cycles with ease.

The system, thanks to its fully customizable multi-axis gripper, can handle bags, pouches, cartons, boxes, barrels, bottles and every other kind of articles that can be positioned and aligned on pallets.
Our palletizers help to maximize business efficiencies, saving time and money, since they eliminate the need of constant human supervision on the palletizing and storage processings.

The palletizer can reach high speeds, that vary according object type and number of containers per layer.
Loading capacity, with single jack, reaches 500 items/hour.

On request, the capacity and speed of the robot may be increased, thanks to multiple outlets or variants, tailored to every need.

All of our products are equipped with safety devices, in accordance with the current European regulations.

Loading capabilities: 350/500 bags per hour